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Teach me Thy way O Lord; I will walk in Thy truth; Unite my heart to fear Thy name.  I will give thanks to Thee O Lord, my God, with all my heart.

Come Worship With Us

Riverview Church of Christ in Pasco Washington welcomes you to a Bible centered church of Christ.  We worship according to His Word and His given examples found in our only text, the Bible.  We welcome you to come share a worship service with us.  Together we can edify each other and share in the knowledge of our Lord.  Enjoying a song service, communion and the Word of our Lord, we will then be prepared to go back to the world ready for what may come.

The Called Out
The church are the called out. The church can be found in nearly any country or city, and you will know them by their faith and works as described in the Bible. For there is but one church or body (Eph 2:16, 4:3). Those who are saved are added to the church (Acts 2:47). Christ is our savior, and tells the body how to be saved in Mark 16:16.

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Meeting Times

Sunday morning class            10:00am
Sunday morning worship        10:50am
Sunday evening class/worship 4:30pm
Wednesday class                      6:30pm
Visit us at

2412 Road 68

Pasco WA 99301-3279


News and Lessons

Contact Us

If you have questions or need asistance finding us, feel free to call, email, or message us.  We look forward to meeting you!

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