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Why is the church of Christ different?

Today there are many options for nearly anything you desire.  The same is true for finding a place of worship.  With all these options, the truth can easily get lost.  The church of Christ is different because it has stayed the same.  Going back to the book of Acts in the New Testament, we find the early church.  They had the benefit of apostles to help lead them in the right way.  And today we have the benefit of the New Testament to lead us in the right way.  Here at Riverview, we use the same commands and examples to worship God, just as they did in the book of Acts, and just as God approved.

What IS the church?

Christ built His church as the cornerstone of the one true church (Eph 4:4).  Wherever you find yourself in this world, you can find His church.  Its not a specific building or group.  The church, His church, are His believers who follow His commandments according to His Word, no matter where they are.  In Matthew 16:18, Jesus says He will build His church.  It is singular, and includes all His people. He wants no divisions within His people, they are all part of the household of God. (1 Cor 1:10, 1 Tim 3:15) Here in the Pasco and Tri-City area, Riverview is part of the Lord's church.

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