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Two of our church’s own are committing their lives to each other this weekend. In such a ceremonious event, like a wedding, people often become sentimental and want to only think of the romantic side of love. How love is patient, love is kind, bears all things, and never fails (I Cor 13). This unconditional love is exactly how we are to love each other, but is not exclusive to spouses, but for our relationships with everyone. Our spouses not only need this love, we are commanded to give it. They also need much more.

God gave us each other as helpmeets, to not only procreate, but have that person to work with, to strive with toward Christ. Our second commandment in the New Testament (John 13:35) is to love one another, and by this love, others will know we are disciples of Christ. Often that love we have for the person we chose to spend the rest of our life with can be the most fulfilling love and the most challenging. It is easier at times to love the stranger you will not see again than the one who spends too much money on something you think is frivolous.

With our helpmeets, we are to model the love Christ has for the church. Loving each other by putting their needs above ours. Needs, not always wants, for everything we do is to honor God. We are to work toward improving our relationship with Him. A helpmeet will help us do that. If we both put Christ first. Praying together and working together through struggles and strife that will inevitably occur. In Ecclesiastes 4 we see that being together makes us stronger and in Galatians 6, we are to bear each other’s burdens.

Husbands and wives have some very specific instructions and advice in Colossians 3:18-35 and Ephesians 5:22-33. We can also see in those verses that men and women are in deed made different. Not only in physical appearance, but also in their gifts. It is easier for most women to love and be caregivers, so she is commanded to respect and submit to her husband as head of the house. Husbands are better protectors and he is commanded to love his wife as his own flesh. God acknowledges the differences compliment each other and we are better together if we heed His instruction.

Genesis 2:20 shows God saw a need of Adam to have a helper. None of His creatures could be as suitable as the one God made specifically for Adam. From Adam’s side, He took his flesh as a symbol of how man and woman are supposed to be, side by side, stronger together, followers of Christ.

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