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Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude Challenge When things are hard and it feels like life is going wrong it easy to get caught up in the negative. Wallowing in the negative may feel good for a little while, but it starts to eat away at you. And that negativity will affect not just your countenance but all aspects of your life. Finding the blessings around you and in your life can lift your spirits and lower that stress. It will not solve your struggles but it may help you find the answers by focusing away from the bad. Grab a piece of paper and list ten things your are blessed with right now. You will feel better and with your mood change you can give some blessings to those around you. Today I am thankful for: God being in control, the sun to warm us, the crisp air of the fall, changing leaves that show His beauty, the smell of a fireplace, our Tri-City landscape, fall vegetables, places to hike and enjoy space, the church that is always welcoming, and you my fellow Christians.


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