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Come to God Daily

In many ways this 2021 was much harder for our brothers and sisters than 2020. Its been a long road of hardships stemming from this illness that has invaded our lives. The facts are still argued daily on the news and we may never know all the truths or ramifications in our life time. But one thing we can rely on and know; God is in Control. He knows the truth. He knows the future and He has the plan. Not MAN. God.

We sit here in fear, in sorrow, in unease and discomfort because we are man. God knows. He knows our grief and our fear. But He wants us to come to Him for comfort. In fact much of what is going on in the world can be a reminder from Him calling out to us. Are we listening? The sooner we learn to come to Him, the sooner peace can come to our hearts and minds. Giving our struggles to Him is hard, but with practice it gets easier. When we rely on God, we take that anxiety and give it over to Him, and He will place His comforting hand on our shoulder. Human nature is to worry and fret. That is why it is important to pray. Daily prayer is a practice. Remembering to do it daily can be difficult at times. But making the effort and continuing to practice will make each day, each hardship, each sorrow here on earth, easier.

Come to God daily to share your worries, your struggles, your joy, your thankfulness, your life. Our God desires to hear from you. He craves your attention as His creation and His inheritance. And He will give you rest.


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